Gas Electric Grill Cooking Machine

Gas Electric Grill Cooking Machine

You can ask any questions about commercial kitchen equipment by contacting the company’s website address. In this topic, we talked about industrial kitchen equipment, Gas or Electric Grill Cooker Cooking products. 

Our Gas Electric Cooking Hob products provide convenience during use thanks to its steel body. Even if it is operated for a long time, it does not cause any performance degradation, and does not cause any problems in the cooking of escaping grills.

Superior Cleaning Opportunity Thanks to Removing the Bottom and Top Covers

It has to put all the top and bottom pieces together. Thanks to this use, it provides ease of cleaning. Washing can be done directly, thanks to the removable covers. Thanks to its fully disinfected structures, it prevents bacterial protection in your meat at the time of use.

Perfect Use with Compression Cooking Wire – Gas Electric Baking Grill 

The product is shipped with a compression wire. When using the grill, the clamping wire allows the meat to be cooked more quickly and provides convenience during use. Squeezing meat offers the advantage of complex cooking, especially when cooking grilled meatballs.

Gas Electric Baking Grill  Perfect Gas Electric Grills Ready in Up to 20 Minutes

You can enjoy your meal quickly with the perfect grills that are ready in 20 minutes. Protecting documents such as guest assets, thanks to this product, you can have your meals ready without making your guests wait.

Gas Electric Cookers – Delicious Food Without Odors And Smoke

There is no odor and smoke in the use of the product. Thanks to this use, you will not encounter the smell of grilling everywhere. At the same time, to provide ease of cleaning after use, to make the product healthier than its competitors.

Clamshell Transmission Superior Cooking Performance

The lidded design of the product offers faster cooking possibilities during use. Thanks to the lid, the meat is cooked faster. You can prepare your food without difficulty in children. You can visit our Electric Barbecue & Grill category to review other Electric BBQ & Grill models.

Enjoy a Barbecue at Home and in the Garden

You will no longer need coal and fire to enjoy a barbecue. By choosing our Gas Electric Cookers, you can make delicious barbecues without all this. You can use it in the house or in the garden if you wish. Moreover, you can enjoy barbecue without any smoke. Oil-free, odorless dining tables.

Gas Electric Baking Grill  Meet the Powerful Engine

The fact that it heats up in a short time, offers great value warmth and has growth is associated with the strong W value of the barbecue. It is an efficient machine working with full 2200 W power. It does a lot with little consumption. It does not cause unnecessary energy consumption. It is pocket and nature friendly.

Our Grilled Stoves Are Easily Cleaned

You don’t have to deal with exhausting cleaning times after the barbecue season. Offering convenient cleaning, the machine can be obtained in the dishwasher or. It has an oil reservoir. All oils accumulate in this chamber. The whole machine will not be oil. It can be cleaned in a short time.

Adjustable Grille Height – Gas Electric Grill Cooking

You can adjust the grill setting according to how you want your food. Once you have determined the height and start cooking meat, fish or vegetables immediately. Your meals will be cooked in an ideal consistency and in a healthy way.

Electric Baking Grill  Gas Stoves – Different Heat Structure

The grill works with different heat settings. You can set the input type and size depending on a single setting for the duration you want. There are also power lamps and thermal end features.

Gas Electric Grill Cooking Compact Design

When you run out of data with the barbecue, you can easily remove the machine by saving space. You can save space by storing them upright. Already the barbecue comes with a lightweight and compact design.

Gas Water Grill General features Gas Electric Grill Cooking

– More efficient cooking thanks to the evaporation cabinet.

– Ability to work with LPG and Ng.

– Magnet safety valve and piloted taps.

– Two-zone heating in full modules.

– Control with piezzo lighter for each brush.

– Cast iron grill.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

Electric fryers General features Gas Electric Grill Cooking

– Thermostatic control.

– Stainless steel baskets.

– Movable heaters provide easy cleaning.

– Safe oil draining with drain cock.

– Limit thermostat.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

Electric Grill Bain-maries General features

– Thermostatic control.

– Half module is 1 x GN 2/3 + 2 x GN 1/6 capacity.

– Full module is 1 x GN 1/1 + 2 x 1/4 capacity.

– Drain cock.

– Water intake faucet.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

Gas and Electric Cookers GAS GRILL HOODS

– Ability to work with LPG and Ng.

– Magnetic safety valve taps.

– Special enamel coated strong grill.

– Step switch.

– Double burner.

– Control with piezzo lighter for each brush.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

– 6 person switch.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– stainless steel