Gas Electric Grill Cooking Machine

Gas Electric Grill Cooking Machine

You can ask any questions about commercial kitchen equipment by contacting the company’s website address. In this topic, we talked about industrial kitchen equipment, Gas or Electric Grill Cooker Cooking products. 

Our Gas Electric Cooking Hob products provide convenience during use thanks to its steel body. Even if it is operated for a long time, it does not cause any performance degradation, and does not cause any problems in the cooking of escaping grills.

Superior Cleaning Opportunity Thanks to Removing the Bottom and Top Covers

It has to put all the top and bottom pieces together. Thanks to this use, it provides ease of cleaning. Washing can be done directly, thanks to the removable covers. Thanks to its fully disinfected structures, it prevents bacterial protection in your meat at the time of use.

Perfect Use with Compression Cooking Wire – Gas Electric Baking Grill 

The product is shipped with a compression wire. When using the grill, the clamping wire allows the meat to be cooked more quickly and provides convenience during use. Squeezing meat offers the advantage of complex cooking, especially when cooking grilled meatballs.

Gas Electric Baking Grill  Perfect Gas Electric Grills Ready in Up to 20 Minutes

You can enjoy your meal quickly with the perfect grills that are ready in 20 minutes. Protecting documents such as guest assets, thanks to this product, you can have your meals ready without making your guests wait.

Gas Electric Cookers – Delicious Food Without Odors And Smoke

There is no odor and smoke in the use of the product. Thanks to this use, you will not encounter the smell of grilling everywhere. At the same time, to provide ease of cleaning after use, to make the product healthier than its competitors.

Clamshell Transmission Superior Cooking Performance

The lidded design of the product offers faster cooking possibilities during use. Thanks to the lid, the meat is cooked faster. You can prepare your food without difficulty in children. You can visit our Electric Barbecue & Grill category to review other Electric BBQ & Grill models.

Enjoy a Barbecue at Home and in the Garden

You will no longer need coal and fire to enjoy a barbecue. By choosing our Gas Electric Cookers, you can make delicious barbecues without all this. You can use it in the house or in the garden if you wish. Moreover, you can enjoy barbecue without any smoke. Oil-free, odorless dining tables.

Gas Electric Baking Grill  Meet the Powerful Engine

The fact that it heats up in a short time, offers great value warmth and has growth is associated with the strong W value of the barbecue. It is an efficient machine working with full 2200 W power. It does a lot with little consumption. It does not cause unnecessary energy consumption. It is pocket and nature friendly.

Our Grilled Stoves Are Easily Cleaned

You don’t have to deal with exhausting cleaning times after the barbecue season. Offering convenient cleaning, the machine can be obtained in the dishwasher or. It has an oil reservoir. All oils accumulate in this chamber. The whole machine will not be oil. It can be cleaned in a short time.

Adjustable Grille Height – Gas Electric Grill Cooking

You can adjust the grill setting according to how you want your food. Once you have determined the height and start cooking meat, fish or vegetables immediately. Your meals will be cooked in an ideal consistency and in a healthy way.

Electric Baking Grill  Gas Stoves – Different Heat Structure

The grill works with different heat settings. You can set the input type and size depending on a single setting for the duration you want. There are also power lamps and thermal end features.

Gas Electric Grill Cooking Compact Design

When you run out of data with the barbecue, you can easily remove the machine by saving space. You can save space by storing them upright. Already the barbecue comes with a lightweight and compact design.

Gas Water Grill General features Gas Electric Grill Cooking

– More efficient cooking thanks to the evaporation cabinet.

– Ability to work with LPG and Ng.

– Magnet safety valve and piloted taps.

– Two-zone heating in full modules.

– Control with piezzo lighter for each brush.

– Cast iron grill.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

Electric fryers General features Gas Electric Grill Cooking

– Thermostatic control.

– Stainless steel baskets.

– Movable heaters provide easy cleaning.

– Safe oil draining with drain cock.

– Limit thermostat.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

Electric Grill Bain-maries General features

– Thermostatic control.

– Half module is 1 x GN 2/3 + 2 x GN 1/6 capacity.

– Full module is 1 x GN 1/1 + 2 x 1/4 capacity.

– Drain cock.

– Water intake faucet.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

Gas and Electric Cookers GAS GRILL HOODS

– Ability to work with LPG and Ng.

– Magnetic safety valve taps.

– Special enamel coated strong grill.

– Step switch.

– Double burner.

– Control with piezzo lighter for each brush.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– Stainless steel body.

– 6 person switch.

– Easy to clean and hygienic.

– stainless steel

Chef Butcher Knife Knives For Sales

Restaurant Chef and Butcher Knives Knife For Sales – Industrial Kitchen Equipments

Eagle Commercial Company has been producing tableware and kitchenware in Solingen, a world-renowned manufacturer of swords, knives and scissors since 2010. Eagle Company is one of the most famous brands in the world today and excites professional cooks and hobby cooks alike. Innovative functions, stylish design and superior quality are the highlights of all products for the kitchen and catering industry.

Chef Butcher Knife Knives

In addition to Restaurant Chef and Butcher’s Knives, we sell every kind of kitchen equipment you can think of. For example. In addition to knives, we also sell products used in cooking oven equipment, kebab machines, cutlery and all kinds of pizza products.

Knife Products We Sell

Knife SetsChef KnivesBread KnivesCompact Chef KnivesParing KnivesSantoku KnivesMulti-Purpose KnivesBone Stripper and Fillet KnivesSlicing and Meat KnivesSharpening ToolsrowsSpecial Use KnivesJapanese KnivesCheese KnivesSteak Knives and SetsEmpty Blocks and Knife BagsAll Knives

Which are the best quality knife brands?

As EAGLE Commercial Company, we produce and sell quality restaurant chef knives, butcher chef knives, home kitchen knives and all kinds of knives you can think of.

Chef Butcher Knife Knives For Sales

As for the best knife recommendations; Brands such as Pirge, Wusthof, Arcos, Zyliss, Sürmene, Zwilling, Kai, Victorinox, Kyocera, WMF, Emsan are known as the knife brands with the sharpest features consisting of protective and stainless steel. As EAGLE Commercial Company, we would like to state that we sell all brands.

What should we pay attention to when buying a chef’s knife?

In order to ensure a safe use, you can take care that the handle section is ergonomically designed. Sharpness is another point to consider. A dull chef’s knife will only make your job harder. When you take the knife in your hand, you should feel the balance.

Where are chef knife knives used?

Chef knives or knives, also known as French knives, have the title of being the most functional knife in kitchens. Chef knives, which are generally between 12 centimeters and 30 centimeters in length, have been developed to be used for different purposes such as cutting, slicing and chopping foods such as meat and vegetables.

How to Choose a Meat Cutting Knife: A Kitchen Knife Choosing Guide:

There are meat cutting knives specially produced for use in professional kitchens and used only for this purpose. These knives are made of thin-tipped, thick-grip handle, and the blade tip is made of solid metal, which is not flexible unlike fillet knives. These features allow accurate tracking of bones while processing meat, less casualties and more efficient use of hands.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Meat Cutting Knife?

First of all, the tip of the blade should not be flexible. Make sure it has good sharpness. It is extremely important that the handle, that is, the handle part fits in the hand in an ergonomic way. It should be ensured that the handle and the tip are attached to each other, and that it is a solidly produced blade so that it does not cause accidents during operation.

How to Maintain Meat Cutting Knife?

Meat cutting and not all knives should actually be sharpened. Because the sharpening process wears the blades of the knives quickly. For this reason, the most accurate method is to sharpen knives with a stone. Sharpening stones are divided into two as water stone and oil stone. Basically, there is no difference between them other than the application difference. However, using the water stone is cleaner. In addition, it is a process that prolongs the life of the blades to properly grind the blades before each operation.

Industrial Kitchen Equipments

How to Choose a Meat Cutting Knife?

It is best to choose well-known brands.

The tip of the blade should be hard and the length of the blade should be such that the person can work comfortably.

The handle should have a durable, ergonomic and non-slip handle.

It should be ensured that the handle and the tip of the blade are connected to each other correctly and are solid.

What are the Best and Top Quality Knife Sets? Which is it?

Eagle Commercial Knives Knife SetPirgeKaraca OvercutEmsanVikingJumbo Viva Knife SetZwilling 3 Multi-Purpose KnivesHafele Drita Classic Gastronomy Knife SetZicco Knife SetAryıldız Knife SetOMS Knife Set

Our Working Hours:

Have any questions? We are here to help you. If you would like to speak to one of our team members, please call or fill out the form below.Customer Service Hours of OperationMonday – Friday 09:00 -17:30If you want to write to us, you can reach us at the following address:

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Sales

Wholesale Sale Retail Eagle Commercial Cooking Kitchen Equipment Sales

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Sales

Eagle Company – Wholesale Retail Kitchen Equipment Sales.The name of the UK’s largest selling kitchenware company is EAGLE Company. Eagle Company sells all kinds of kitchenware you can think of.

Kitchen Equipment

Wholesale Sale Retail Eagle Commercial Cooking Kitchen Equipment Sales

In this topic, we will give you information about the EAGLE Company. In line with the information we will provide, you can get detailed information by visiting the website address below. Company EAGLE sells commercial kitchenware.

The main products Eaglecommercial produces are Kitchen Knives, Meat Knives, Chef Knives and Knife Sets. In addition to these products, high precision knives used in some agricultural tools and food processing machines are also produced in-house. The biggest advantage of Eaglecommercial company is that all the necessary steps for knife production can be done under the same roof and can be completely controlled. The company takes all raw materials into its body and delivers it to its customers as finished and packaged.

You can see the products by visiting the website of EAGLE Company. We can say that every kind of kitchen, restaurant and special utensils for chefs are sold on the site.

If we list some products that Eagle company sells;

  • Cooker
  • Tandoori Oven
  • Convection Oven
  • Charbroilers & Grills
  • Griddles
  • Kebab Machines & Cutters
  • Deep Fat Fryers
  • Salamander Grill
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Toasters & Panini Machines
  • Turkish BBQ / Mangal
  • Wraffle & Crepe Makers
  • Microwave Ovens

If we list other products of the company to you;

  • Salamander Grill
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Toasters & Panini Machines
  • Turkish BBQ / Mangal
  • Wraffle & Crepe Makers
  • Microwave Ovens

Contact UsTel: +44 (0) 754 233 4210  

Tel: +44 (0) 800 999 1535  


Products and Brands We Sell:

  • Pirge knives and tabletops are sold. Our knives, which dazzle with their sharpness, last for many years.
  • Easyfrost refrigerators and freezers are sold. These products are divided into two as vertical and horizontal. People can choose between upright refrigerators or upright freezers or horizontal refrigerators or horizontal freezers to suit their needs.
  • Qualitygaz pizza ovens are sold. People can choose these products as gas or electric according to their needs.
  • Quality gas water grills are sold. In this model, only gaseous products are sold.
  • Zanolli conveyor pizza ovens are sold. These products, which have 4 size options as 16 inches, 20 inches, 26 inches and 32 inches, can be selected as gas or electric.
  • Pizza baking trays and cutting boards are also sold. This system, designed for people to shape their pizzas according to their own minds and
  • choose the pizzas they want, is quite different.

Our institution, which proceeds with the slogan of eagle commercial catering products, is located very close to the center of Newcastle Upon Tyne. With the products imported from Turkey and England, sales are made to every region of England. 

Our store has a single headquarters in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It has succeeded in achieving very high progress in both online marketing, wholesale and retail sales. As Eagle Commercial, our organization has made great progress towards becoming the North East’s leading supplier of temporary and permanent modular kitchens and commercial catering equipment.

All of our personnel have undergone training that includes very detailed information about the equipment to be supplied. A variety of commercial kitchen equipment is available to customers, not only in the Northeast but also in the UK. All this experience means that people are in good hands when purchasing dining equipment available through Five star after shopping.

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